Strategic Partnership with BM Intelligence Limited (‘BMI’)

Dr. Edmond Fong met with Mr. Lowell Lo, Chairman of the Group, Ms. Queenie Ho, Director and Mr. Calvin Cheng, Associate Director.

BMI is a reputable financial services firm in the Asia Pacific region. It mainly engaged in pre-listing consulting, corporate services, investment immigration, strategic marketing, fund and wealth management and other professional services.

FONGS and BMI have become strategic partners. We will provide BMI Group companies and their customers with comprehensive legal and professional services and support.

(Left) BMI Director, Ms. Queenie Ho, (Second) Associate Director, Mr. Calvin Cheng, (Third) Chairman of the Group, Mr. Lowell Lo (Fourth) FONGS Managing Partner, Dr. Edmond Fong, and (Right) FONGS Senior Business Service Manager , Mr. Sidney Cheung