A New Horizon- collaboration with SPENCER WEST LLP, an International Firm

I am pleased to share this exciting & encouraging news to you all – we entered into a formal
association with SPENCER WEST LLP, a UK based International Law Firm, with effect from 8
December 2021.

SPENCER WEST LLP was founded by senior lawyers and is currently with altogether around
100 partners & lawyers. They have branches in Europe and is now developing the Asia
market. The firm provides comprehensive legal services with main focus on corporate &
private clients. With a strong vision to develop into a global law firm in coming years, the
firm is extending its presence in HK & China. The firm plans to recruit more talents for the
HK branch and our firm through their close connections, and we will work closely and
expand with SPENCER WEST LLP as an associated firm in Hong Kong. The collaboration will
be a solid, close & strategic one enhancing mutual benefit.

This is a major breakthrough for our firm. After 5 years of our JV with Zhong Yin Law Firm
greatly enhancing our China practice, we now escalate our practice & presence into an
international level by leveraging their international exposure, development & capabilities.
This is no doubt a big gift for our firm’s 15 th Anniversary.

Much grateful to all your invaluable support throughout the years making it happen. I do
foresee that we can and will work well with SPENCER WEST LLP. Together, there will be
forthcoming a very promising future to come.

Dr. Edmond Fong
Founder & Managing Partner
8 December 2021