Collaboration with Law Firm Joowon of the Republic of Korea

It is our great pleasure to announce that we have recently entered into association agreement with Law Firm Joowon, a law firm based in Seoul, South Korea.

Law Firm Joowon was established in 2009 by Mr. Lee Kun Kae, one of the most experienced and respected lawyers in South Korea. With focus in ‘one-stop total services’, more than 80 talented lawyers assist clients in the firm’s four branch offices in South Korea.

We continue to grow our international alliance. By setting up a joint venture with Zhong Yin Law Firm, we enhanced our China practice. We gained further international exposure by entering into formal association with SPENCER WEST LLP. We are thrilled to expand our presence in South Korea with Law Firm Joowon.

We consider this association would be a milestone for mutual growth and success of Law Firm Joowon and Fongs.