Mid-autumn Festival Party

The mid-autumn festival party was held in mid-September by following the Chinese traditional culture. All staff members prepared different kinds of traditional cuisine, like moon cakes, big bowl feast, fruits as well as beverage, which allows all staff members to enjoy and celebrate the festival.

Dr. Edmond Fong, Founder and Managing Partner of Fongs, spoke to the staff members that it is highly appreciated for their hard work over the year. He also presented ‘Long Service Award’ to the staff members who have devoted themselves to our firm for a long period of time, which is definitely a great encouragement.

All staff members enjoyed the party and celebrated the festival together.

The awardees of ‘Long Service Award’

– Mr. Kenny Lo, Partner of Fongs, who has worked for our firm for 8 years

– Ms. Chung, Senior Accountant of Fongs, who has worked for our firm for 7 years