The Establishment of the Chinese Cultural Relics Collectors Association

Fongs is invited to be the legal advisor for the Chinese Cultural Relics Collectors Association.

The aim of the association is to actively organize knowledge lectures and academic seminars on Greater China cultural relics collection, folk collection exhibitions and exchange sessions, in order to increase the level of appreciation and collection, facilitate the exchange between collectors and reinforce the friendly relations with local and foreign collectors and collectors’ associations, to develop international exchange and cooperation.


Photograph of members of the board of directors with Dr. Edmond Fong

From the Left: Dr. Lisa Cheung Chung Lai-seung, Former film star, Dr. Tsui Siu Ming, Famous film producer, Dr. Edmond Fong, Founder and Managing Partner of FONGS, Mr. Chan Pak-lam, CEO of Success Finance Group and Mrs. Amy Tsui, Managing Director of Tsui Siu Ming Productions Ltd