Heartfelt gratitude to learned Professor Michael Jackson

It was an unforgettable and a touching moment that I met my learned Prof. Michael Jackson at the 198th Congregation ceremony at the University of Hong Kong.

He interviewed and admitted me to the Faculty of Law, HKU over 30 years ago, when I was still a teenager. He is also one of the most respectful, enlightened and thoughtful teachers I have ever met. Without his kindness, I would never be a HKU law student, not to mention a lawyer.  There would not be a law firm named Fongs. He was and still a humorous, handsome gentleman. He has been dedicating over 30 years of his life in nurturing and fostering law students, making remarkable contribution to the Faculty of Law, HKU.  He is an anonymous hero to the legal profession of Hong Kong.  His applause to ALL the law graduates at the ceremony was big, cheerful and deep from his heart!

I would take this opportunity to send my heartfelt gratitude to my learned Prof. Michael Jackson. Wish him and his family all the best in the future !